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Youth Leadership Program (YLP)

Youth Leadership Program is a workshop designed by Toastmasters International consisting of eight one- to two-hour sessions.  The program is planned with focus on youth and it enables participants to develop communication and leadership skills through practical experience. The program is presented during or after school, or on weekends.


This workshop series provides practical experience in leading effective meetings, presenting short impromptu as well as prepared speeches, and sharpens listening abilities. Youth will learn about Chairmanship, “How to Organize a Speech”, Gestures, Voice projection, Vocabulary usage and more! After completion of all 8 sessions, participants will be more effective in future Communication and Leadership activities.  At a high-level, each of the sessions focuses on the following areas:


  • Session 1 – Introduction to Chairmanship

  • Session 2 – Introduction to Public Speaking

  • Session 3 – Impromptu Speaking

  • Session 4 – Organizing Your Speech

  • Session 5 – Listening

  • Session 6 – Gestures in Speaking

  • Session 7 – Voice and Vocabulary

  • Session 8 – Show Your Skills

Contact if you are interested in knowing more information regarding this FREE opportunity.

2ChangeU Toastmasters Club has conducted three Youth Leadership Programs so far. There are no YLP currently planned by the club this year.  Please visit this page for any future programs.

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