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Vote Counter - Roles and Responsibilities


Vote Counter plays an important role in collecting/counting the ballots for the various awards specified for the club. As Vote Counter, you are responsible for:


  • Collecting the ballots for prepared speeches, evaluation and any other club specific awards.

  • Count the ballots and find the winner in each award category.

  • Decide the winner when there is a tie.

  • Announce the winner at the end of the meeting

Bring the following to the meeting:



Before the meeting:


  • Verify with the Toastmaster which are roles are awarded.

  • Make sure that the basket to collect the votes from the club members is available.

  • Verify that the award ribbons are in the basket.

  • Make sure that all the attendees have ballots to vote.


During the meeting:


  • Explain your role at the beginning of the meeting when called upon to do by the Toastmaster.  Use the standard roles and responsibility sheet available in the club for this purpose.

  • Typically, the following awards are given in a meeting.

    • Best Speaker Award

    • Best Table Topics Speaker Award

    • Best Evaluator

    • Big 3 (Chosen between Toastmaster or Tables Topics Master or General Evaluator)

    • Sparky (Who added little spark to the meeting)

  • You do not typically vote for any awards.  When there is a tie for award, you can use your voting rights to decide the winner.

  • Encourage all the guests to vote.

  • Prepared Speakers:

    • If there is only one speaker, that speaker wins by acclamation.

    • Educational speeches are not considered for voting.

  • Table Topics Speakers:

    • Guests are allowed/encouraged to be part of Table Topics and they can win this award.

  • Evaluators:

    • If there is only one speech, then obviously there will be only one evaluator and he/she win by acclamation.

  • Big 3:

    • In some meetings, there might not be a table topics section.  So, in this case, the award is chosen between Toastmaster and General Evaluator only.   So, this award becomes Big 2!

  • Recommendation is to count the ballots for best speaker, best table topics speaker, evaluator as soon as the ballots are collected.  Big 3 and Sparky voting are done at the end of the meeting.  So, deciding the other winners in advance help you in getting enough time to count the ballots and identify the winner.

  • Take help for counting Big 3 and Sparky winners if needed.

  • Write the winner details in the allocated space at the back side of the ribbon.

  • Announce the winners at the end of the meeting when called upon to do so by the President and distribute awards.

Note: If there are any edits, share your inputs to VP of Education.

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