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Sharri A L Abii

Frisco, TX


2ChangeU has proven to be more of a family rather than just another organization. I joined as a means to help with a personal setback and have discovered that the positive challenges encourages me to be a better person in all aspects of my life.


One of the best practices I truly feel privilege to experience is being a mentor to another club member. It is always a joy of mine to help others be better and accomplish their own personal goals. Looking forward to more to come in this journey!

Ann Nunnally

Plano, TX


I had no idea Toastmasters would be so fun!.

Rena Tackett

Dallas, TX


Since my initial visit to 2 Change U Toastmasters club in February 2014, I knew I had found an excellent resource for building upon my communication and leadership skills.  This club is fantastically diverse and offers an opportunity for advancement regardless of the individual's current skill level.

Sandhya Narayanaswamy

Plano, TX


2ChangeU has a very positive vibe and everyone is super friendly, welcoming and helpful. Fellow members put you at ease immediately and with each passing week I am getting more comfortable and more aware of things I needs to work on and get better at. It is a very safe place for me to achieve my personal goals.


There is so much to learn every week just by observing other members and the feedback cycle is a phenomenal tool! Joining this club is one of my best decisions ever! Only regret is why did I wait this long to take this step?

Dolores Corpuz

Plano, TX


I joined 2 ChangeU Toastmasters with a mission in my heart. I am a licensed physician, licensed-ordained minister, Bible teacher, and family-oriented person who wants to continue learning how to better build up my life and the lives of others. My previous trainings were sharply focused on medicine and theology so I thought it behooves to continue to broaden my horizon. I feel and know that I have become a more relaxed, more captivating, and more versatile communicator. The Toastmasters Club has been a wonderful avenue for improving my ‘being and my doing' : my person and my mission.

Chester Privitt

Plano, TX


I am inspired by the respect and friendship shared among all the diverse members of  2ChangeU.  A group of  culturally, socially, and economically diverse individuals have joined together in the common cause of helping each individual better themselves.  This has led to the formation of a strong, accepting, and caring club.  The greatest benefit that I have received from 2ChangeU is best visualized as a trapeze artist sailing, flipping, and twisting through the air.  The audience is most amazed because all of this is performed without the safety of a net below.   Yet, the artist knows that he has spent hours, weeks,  even years performing these stunts with the safety of a net.  2ChangeU is my safety net. Here, I can fearlessly try new things, explore new sides of speaking, and even my own personality, and if I fail I will have my fellow toastmasters there to catch me and lift me up again to new heights. Thus, when I go out into the “real world”,  I speak comfortably and confidently. I can finally fearlessly performing with no net.  

Biju Arayakkeel

Plano, TX


I found 2ChangeU to be a perfect place to find ease with myself.  A perfect place where the members (of course guests too) were embraced and treated as one among them with adequate support and encouragement.  There was enough talent to consider as role models, observe and learn from.  There was  camaraderie, warmth, positivity and genuine passion in the air.  There was constructive criticisms, perfect platform to learn and improve.  Nowadays, I am always looking forward to Tuesday evenings and I sincerely feel that there is no other better place to start this journey than this club.

Daisy Yu

Plano, TX


2ChangeU is like a second family for me. The support I get from this group is immense. Not only have I learned how to be a better speaker, I have also learned how to be a better leader. I realize now to be a more effective leader, you have to be willing to serve others first.

Marty Gallagher

Plano, TX


Every aspect of life is more vivid and vibrant because I am always on the alert for speaking topics.

Christine Wilson

Dallas, TX


Toastmasters is more than just a SPEECH CLUB or SEMINAR...when you work through each project you gain self-confidence and growth. Wherever you are in your skills when you arrive at your first meeting, you will meet your goals and surpass them much faster than you ever dreamed. I have Toastmasters to thank for promotions, huge pay-increases, new friends, and even the self-confidence to speak up in meetings with the senior leadership at my job. JOIN. Work the Toastmasters program and get your education awards in Toastmasters. After 10 years I have always felt this was a good investment of my time.

Nidhi Bajaj

Plano, TX


2ChangeU helped me find my passion, my passion for speaking that gives me happiness. The club has a positive vibe with supportive members ready to help each other..

Frank Gustafson

Melissa, TX


I joined Toastmasters about 15 months ago.  I had already done a bit of public speaking however, I didn't know what I didn't know.  Since joining Toastmasters, I have been more intentional about the mechanics of my my speaking. My pauses, inflection, gestures and movement have all improved dramatically.

Pradeep Yanala

Frisco, TX


2ChangeU is a warm, welcoming and friendly club. It has helped me gain my confidence in public speaking and put me in right learning path to be a confident speaker. Every time I come out of weekly meetings, I feel I am being productive and positive.

Kuomu Fan

Plano, TX


As an immigrant, English is not my first language. Toastmaster not only provides me the opportunity to practice my English speaking skills, but also helps me conquer my fear of public speaking that had been bothering me for my entire life. 2ChangeU is the club you can definitely grow up with. It's like a big family. Every member here loves to help each other. I feel very welcomed here. What I like the best about this club is that each new member will get assigned to a mentor who will guide you through your journey. Your mentor will be available to answer questions and give you useful tips and feedback for your speeches. Joining toastmaster is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

Renee Sun

Plano, TX


I found a way to change myself when I found 2ChangeU. This club provides me a special atmosphere which is both comfortable and encouraging. Comfortable enough for me to stay relax and encouraging me to improve myself. This special atmosphere is constructed by all 2ChangeU's members. They are soft outside (friendly to every body else) and tough inside (pushing themselves to improve).

Mukund Onkar

Plano, TX


I have enjoyed and keep enjoying warm feeling from this club. The environment is very lively and encouraging for anyone and everyone.


If you are looking for a TM club, this is the place to be.

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