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How To Plan 'Youth Leadership Program (YLP)'?

Youth Leadership Program is a workshop designed by Toastmasters International consisting of eight

one- to two-hour sessions with focus on youth and it enables participants to develop communication and leadership skills through practical experience.

This workshop series provides practical experience in leading effective meetings, presenting short impromptu as well as prepared speeches, and sharpens listening abilities. At a high-level the following areas are covered as part of the program.

  • Session 1 – Introduction to Chairmanship

  • Session 2 – Introduction to Public Speaking

  • Session 3 – Impromptu Speaking

  • Session 4 – Organizing Your Speech

  • Session 5 – Listening

  • Session 6 – Gestures in Speaking

  • Session 7 – Voice and Vocabulary

  • Session 8 – Show Your Skills

2ChangeU Toastmasters Club (#8383) located in Plano, Texas has conducted three Youth Leadership Programs so far. As the workshop involves lot of planning and coordination, we would like to share a document detailing various tips and some best practices to help anyone planning to coordinate such an event for the benefit of youth in their community. I am hopeful that the various points as well as the planning/agenda templates shared in the documentation will give better insight from a planning point of view.

Please feel free to download the planning and agenda templates from the links in the document and tweak it according to your convenience. Happy planning and coordinating !

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