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Club Fall Contest on 1st Sep

To recognize our best speakers and as a learning experience for all, District 50 has announced Fall contest. Below are the details of the events around the contest. We request everyone who is elgible to utilize this oppurtunity and participate to sharpen your skills and have fun. This contest is about "Tall Tales" and Humorous Speech"


  • 2ChangeU club level contest will be held on Sept 1st Tuesday 7:00PM

  • Winners from the club will participate the area 24 level contest on Sept 19th Afternoon 3:00PM

  • Winners from the Area will participate at Frontier Division level on Oct 17 - Saturday Morning 10:00 AM

Please note that the venue for the Area and Frontier division contests will be shared once they are officially available.

Who is Eligible:

Must have completed at least six Competent Communicator Manual speeches prior to club contest.

Whom We Need:

  • Contestants for speeches (Tall Tale & Humorous) - Speaker can get credit for the Communication Manual

  • Contest Chair (The person who puts it all together) - This can gain CL Project Credit for Project 8 or 10

  • Contest Master (Toastmaster of the Contest, keeps it fair, fun, and on time) - This can gain CL Project Credit for Project 6

  • Other Helpers - Judges, Sergeant At Arms, Vote Counter, Timer - This can gain CL Project Credit for Project 6

Those who are interseted, contact the President at the earliest possilbe.

For more information on the contest, visit the District 50 Contest Website (Schedule & Resources).

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