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You've heard of win-win solutions, but have you heard of win-win-win solution.  That's what a Toastmasters mentoring program can do.


New Toastmasters  need someone to explain the program to them and show them how to prepare for various meeting roles. They also need help preparing and rehearsing their first few speeches. Mentors can supply the valuable personal attention and ongoing support new members need.


Benefits of mentoring for new members:

  • Learn the program and club customs (CC and CL manuals, club meeting roles, leadership opportunities)

  • Develop confidence and improve participation in club activities 

  • Quickly learn speaking skills to advance faster


Benefits of mentoring for experienced members:

  • Refine and revitalize existing skills

  • Learn new skills 


Benefits for mentors:

  • Learn new information and perspectives from those you mentor

  • Keep your knowledge and skills sharp

  • Receive recognition and appreciation by fellow members


Benefits for the club:

  • Improved member retention 

  • More satisfied members


2ChangeU believes strongly in members helping members. We're all on a journey to self-improvement, and we know we'll get there faster and have more fun if we walk together.


Refer to the documents below:


  1. Mentor Responsibilities

  2. Mentorship Program - Commitment Questionnaire

  3. Checklist for Mentors

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