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Who Can Join?

Membership is open for anyone of age 18+.  

We welcome guests and Toastmasters alike. If you are already a Toastmaster in another club we welcome dual members. If you are interested in finding out more about the Toastmasters program in general we would love to have you visit one of our weekly meetings to check it out for yourself.

For youth below 18 years age, Gavel clubs are designed.  Gavel clubs are a way of providing the Toastmasters experience to groups who may be ineligible for regular membership due to member age, inability to pay dues or other circumstances.  


For details about Gavel Clubs conducted by 2ChangeU and other Youth focused programs and the associated cost, refer to the Youth Programs page.


Membership in 2ChangeU Toastmasters will give you a monthly magazine from Toastmasters International with great articles and tools, two program manuals to get you started and access to all the tools on this and the other Toastmasters websites. 

When you are ready to join, you will be asked to fill out an application form. We will go over the dues and fees for the program when we give you the application. Fees and dues are prorated when you first join depending on where we are in the fiscal year for Toastmasters.  Once you submit the application, we will process your dues and you should get your materials from Toastmaster International in the mail within two weeks.  We will assign a mentor to you to help you through 3-4 speech projects during your first few months.  It really is that easy!


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Page our website for any basic questions that you have in your mind before joining.

How Much Does It Cost?

Dues are collected two times per year, in October and April.  There are three parts to the overall cost for the membership.


  • Toastmaster International Initiation Fee (Currently $20) - This is a one time fee and applies only if you are joining Toastmasters International for the first time. It covers material in your new member kit and a monthly subscription to Toastmasters magazine.

  • Toastmaster International Dues (Currently $45 for 6 months) - Dues are collected twice a year for the periods April-September and October-March. Dues are prorated if you join during one of those periods.

  • Club Dues (Currently $12 for 6 months) - Like International dues, club dues are prorated if you join during an established payment period. This covers awards, supplies, and other club expenses.


The overall cost is less than you would pay for an afternoon seminar in most cases! Toastmasters provides meetings every week, Leadership Institute seminars twice a year, and the opportunity to attend spring and fall district conferences and the annual International conference. Plus, you have the support of an International program that has worked for thousands of people over more than 90 years! You get all this for the weekly cost of a soft drink at a fast food restaurant. What a deal!


Once your first few months are covered, you pay only $57.00 every six months.  

Use PayPal link below for quick and easy payment for membership renewal or paying the new member fees.  The cost for joining and renewal are captured in the tables below.

We also accept Cash, Cheque (Payable To: Toastmasters Club # 8363) or Credit Card towards the payment.  Our Treasurer will be more than happy to accept those mode of payments in person at any club meetings. 

Click here to pay !
Existing Members Only

Dues are collected for twice a year for the periods April - September and October - March.   Payments are required to be made by September and March end respectively for each payment terms to continue the membership. 

New Members Only
(6 months/prorated)
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