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General Evaluator - Roles and Responsibilities


Per the definition of the role by Toastmasters International:  The General Evaluator evaluates everything that takes place during the club meeting. In addition, the General Evaluator conducts the evaluation portion of the meeting and is responsible for the evaluation team: the speech evaluators, Ah Counter, Grammarian and Timer. As General Evaluator, you:


  • Ensure other evaluators know their tasks and responsibilities

  • Explain the purpose and benefits of evaluations to the group

  • Identify and confirm meeting assignments with the Timer, Grammarian and Ah-Counter

  • Confirm the club meeting program and/or checklist with the Toastmaster

  • During the meeting, take notes and report on all club proceedings to evaluate things such as timeliness, enthusiasm, preparation, organization, performance of duties, etc.

Bring the following to the meeting:



Before the meeting:


  • Make sure that all the evaluators collected the Project Manuals from the respective speakers so that written evaluation can be recorded.

  • The General Evaluator should develop a good understanding in which a successful meeting is typically conducted in a Toastmaster Environment.

  • Talk to the Toastmaster and find if any club member has gone above and beyond in terms of planning the club meeting (anybody filled in for the role voluntarily upon last minute cancellations, club members who were ready to do double duty based on the needs identified, their willingness to support other roles even though it was not part of their responsibility etc.).  Make sure that such club members are acknowledged during your evaluation.

During the meeting:


  • The General Evaluator evaluates everything that takes place during the club meeting. 

  • You are required to evaluate the evaluators and not the speakers.   Of course, some constructive feedback can be given, but that's not the primary focus.

  • When you are requested to take the center stage, before requesting formal evaluation by the Evaluators, explain your role very briefly to the audience (especially for the benefit of the guests).  The roles and responsibilities are:

    • Facilitate formal evaluation of the prepared speeches.

    • Facilitate Grammarian Report and Ah-Counter Report.

    • Evaluate the evaluators and evaluate the meeting in general.

  • Start with facilitation of formal evaluation of the prepared speeches.  Invite each evaluator one by one.

  • Call for Timer's Report of Evaluation to identify who are qualified for voting.  If there is only one evaluator, he/she wins by acclamation.

  • Call for voting for the Best Evaluator Award.

  • Call for Grammarian Report for the entire meeting.

  • Call for the Ah-Counter Report for the entire meeting.

  • Share your thoughts on the entire meeting in general.  Apart from focusing on the evaluation of the evaluators, additional focus area for feedback are:

    • Starting of the meeting

    • Room Set-Up

    • Greeting of guests

    • Overall impression of the meeting

    • Has the meeting conducted per the agenda?

    • Evaluation of Toastmaster, Table Topics Master, Grammarian, Ah-Counter and any other roles

    • Evaluation of Evaluators - Did the evaluator give the feedback in a constructive way?  Were positive and improvement areas identified?  Was the delivery done in an encouraging, supporting and compassionate manner etc?  Any potential areas missed?

  • Any other areas of improving the overall meeting in general.

  • Make sure that the general evaluation is completed within the allocated time on agenda.  Typically it is 3 (Green) - 4 (Yellow) - 5 (Red) minutes in our club.  You will have 30 seconds grace period before and after the minimum and maximum allowed time.

  • Hand over the control of the meeting to President.

Note: If there are any edits, share your inputs to VP of Education.

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