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Ah Counter - Roles and Responsibilities


Per the definition of the role by Toastmasters International:  The purpose of the Ah-Counter is to note any overused words or filler sounds used as a crutch by anyone who speaks during the meeting. Words may be inappropriate interjections, such as and, well, but, so and you know. Sounds may be ah, um or er. As Ah-Counter you:


  • Request a copy of the Ah-Counter’s log from your Sergeant at Arms. If a log is not available, be prepared to take notes.

  • When introduced during the club meeting, explain the role of the Ah-Counter.

  • In the Ah-Counter’s log, record overlong pauses, overused words and filler sounds relied upon too often by all speakers. Examples include: and, but, so, you know, ah, um.

  • During the evaluation portion of the meeting, report your observations when called upon.

Bring the following to the meeting:



Before the meeting:


  • Verify that the clicker is available.


During the meeting:


  • Explain your role at the beginning of the meeting when called upon to do by the Toastmaster.  Use the standard roles and responsibility sheet available in the club for this purpose.

  • In our club, Ah Counter tracks both verbal and physical (posture) distractions and click.

  • Starting from the opening gavel, and continuing to adjournment, observe each speaker.  Click anyone (for exceptions read further) if you observe an infraction. 

  • Make sure that you click for all the violations.  This is to help all the speakers to improve, and not distract them.

  • Verbal Distractions examples below:

    • Um, ah, you-know, OK, but, filler words etc.

    • Run-on sentence connected by "and" or "and so".

    • Repeated words (the-the, so so etc)

    • Long pauses

  • Physical Distractions examples below:

    • Hands in pockets

    • Playing with a pen

    • Leaning on the table or lectern,

    • Fig leaf [clasping hands in front], or reverse fig leaf [clasping hands in back]

    • Too much of movement of hands

  • Prepared Speakers:

    • Do not click during prepared speeches.  Note down all the violations and report at the end of meetings.

  • Table Topics Speakers:

    • It is recommended not to click guests if they are participating.  You can observe and note down all the violations for the guest speakers.  If they are interested, you can report on them as well when you present the Ah Counter Report.

  • Present the Ah Counter Report during the General Evaluation section when called upon to do so by the General Evaluator.

Note: If there are any edits, share your inputs to VP of Education.

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